In an effort to help staff and students stay in the classroom and participate in activities, individuals who are determined to be a high-risk close contact may now participate in the USD 234 Antigen Testing Program. USD 234 has opened a central testing site for staff members and students. This program is voluntary and a parent/guardian will determine if their child will participate.

Who can be tested:

Only USD 234 staff members and students will have the opportunity to use the antigen testing program.

When should I be tested:
There are two different reasons to use the USD 234 Antigen Testing Program:

  • Test to know: Antigen testing is available to students and staff who are: symptomatic, have a potential exposure but have not been identified as a high-risk close contact, or want to confirm they are not putting others at risk prior to contact with an immune-compromised or high-risk individual.
  • Test to stay & learn: Students/staff who have been identified as a high-risk close contact to a positive person may choose to participate in the USD 234 Antigen Testing Program. An individual who is not symptomatic and with daily negative antigen tests may continue to participate in the classroom.  Students/staff who are identified as a household contact to a positive person will be able to participate in the antigen testing program on the 11th day of their quarantine if positive household person is no longer having symptoms.


Test to Stay & Participate Antigen Testing Program:

  • After being identified as a high-risk close contact, the individual must monitor symptoms daily or participate in public health monitoring for 10 days.
  • A person will have the opportunity to take an Antigen test each school day during the 10-day monitoring period. If an individual receives a negative test result and is not symptomatic, they may return to school each day after a negative test result.
  • If a person’s 10th day of testing falls on a weekend, the individual will need to receive a negative test result before being allowed to return to school. This test can be given on the next available school day. 
  • If the staff member or student is allowed to return to school, the person will be required to wear a mask appropriately at school for the full 10 day quarantine period regardless of testing results.
  • If testing results are pending, the individual will need to stay in quarantine until results are received.
  • If the student or staff member is found to have a positive result during testing the Health Department will be notified per statutory regulation (K.S.A. 65-118), KDHE, and local Health Department requirements, and the student will enter into the isolation period as directed by the Health Department.
  • If the student is under the age of 18 years, a parent/guardian will need to sign a consent form prior to each Antigen Test.

    NOTE: This is a service provided to staff and students in an effort to allow the individual to return to the school or school activity. This testing program is strictly voluntary. If a staff member or parent/guardian on behalf of their student chooses not to participate in this program, then the Crawford County Health Department Quarantine Guidelines must be followed before the individual will be able to return to the educational environment or activity.