At tonight's USD 234 School Board meeting, the school board approved in a 4-3 vote to allow close contacts of a student or staff member who is a symptomatic, confirmed COVID-19 case while at school that they do not have to go into quarantine if they are wearing a mask.  This recommendation did not come from the superintendent.

What this means is that students or staff who are wearing masks at school and are considered a close contact do not need to be quarantined from school.  The health department is aware of this decision and will continue to notify administrators of confirmed COVID-19 school related cases for contact tracing purposes.  Administrators will continue to contact trace close contacts.  Families will be notified about their child being a close contact and the family can decide if they want their child to go into quarantine.  The same will be for staff members.  All close contacts will continue to be turned into the health department and the health department will still report them as a close contact to KDHE.

If your child was sent home to quarantine as a close contact last Friday, October 9, 2020 your child does not need to be in quarantine and can attend school, or they can stay in quarantine as ordered by the health department if choose this for your child.  Contact your child’s office to let them know of your family’s decision.

Based on the school board’s decision tonight, if you would prefer to have your child become a remote learner or attend in-person, you will be allowed to make this decision for your family.  If you would like to make this change, contact your child’s school to make them aware of the change.

Due to this decision being made this evening, we don’t have all the answers regarding this decision.  The school district will communicate further as information and decisions become available. 

The wearing of mask at school is still in place for the school district.