RE: USD 234 Remote Learning Application

Dear USD 234 Parents,

As of right now, the plan for the second semester of the school year is to continue to provide in-person and remote learning to our students. 

In the first semester we have learned that Remote Learning has been a challenge for several of the students.  Therefore, we are asking all families to complete the Remote Learning application found in the link at the bottom of this letter. 

The main reason USD 234 is providing Remote Learning is for it to be used by students who either have an underlying health condition themselves, or who have a family member who has an underlying health condition in their home that could be complicated if they were to contract COVID-19.  Research shows that learning is best done in a classroom, face-to-face with a teacher; therefore, this application will allow the administrators to evaluate which students should be allowed to participate in Remote Learning.  Students who have shown to struggle to maintain passing grades or who have attendance issues will be discouraged from doing Remote Learning, unless they have an underlying health condition for themselves or in their household. 

Attached is USD 234’s Remote Learning document which provides more information about Remote Learning. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions within the application for your reference.  We ask that you complete the application before the end of the school day on December 11.  If you have questions about Remote Learning please contact your child’s attendance center.


Ted Hessong


USD 234 Fort Scott Schools

USD 234 Remote Learning Application

USD 234 Remote Learning Document