FSHS Student Bulletin for Thursday, January 14, 2021

Happy Birthday!  Mrs. Cole!

...from the desk of Dr. Kelso, Assistant Principal:  

No school Monday; however, if you owe time and sign up THIS week, you can make up the time you owe from nine until noon Monday morning. You MUST come into the office and sign up with me, Dr. Kelso, so I know how many students to expect.  Do NOT simply show up Monday without signing up to be here - you will be turned away.  If you come to the high school Monday to give back time, wear a mask!

If you forget your mask, you will be turned away as we will NOT provide one for you.  Bring something to work on as you will NOT be allowed to play on your phone.  As a reward for making up time this Monday when there’s no school, you can count your time as double!

So, for example, if you stay for one hour, that one hour will count as two hours served!  Questions? Come see me!

                                                   --Dr. Kelso

ATTENTION!  NO outside food or drink allowed in the building - this includes Sonic drinks, Scooter’s coffee, etc.  WATER is the only drink allowed!  You will be asked to throw outside food/drink away and, beginning Tuesday, January 19th, repeated violations will result in additional consequences.



Get your planner signed!

Planners will continue to be checked at second breakfast. Make sure you have a signed planner or note; otherwise you will be sent back to second hour class.


PLEASE tell your 1st Hour Teacher to include you in the breakfast and lunch counts.  Brought your own eats?  Milk is 50 cents/carton.


TODAY’S BREAKFAST:  mini bagels, graham snack, juice, milk

TODAY’S LUNCH:  burrito with cheese sauce, cucumber slices, red pepper strips, mandarin oranges, milk


TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST:   breakfast pizza, juice, milk

TOMORROW’S LUNCH:  walking taco with Fritos or Doritos, lettuce & tomato, corn, banana, milk