Answer the Camel!

Today are your even-hour finals!  I (Pam in the office) emailed you the bell schedule yesterday.


Students - you will NOT be allowed to go out to your vehicle for any items during the school day for the rest of the semester.

 Plan ahead!

NHS members need to  report directly to the Auditorium this afternoon for Elections.  Mr. Spore says, “Do NOT go to your afternoon AP first!”


You will be returning your devices during afternoon AP TODAY!

NHS members will need to make adjustments for that to happen.

Owe time?  Read me!

If you still owe time, you can continue to make it up during lunch and after school through tomorrow.  For those who stay after school, there is a special “two-fer” opportunity.  If you show up in person in Ms Mayberry's room, that’s room 107, when the final bell rings, your time counts double!  So if you stay for an hour, you earn two hours. What a deal!

If you have questions, please contact Dr Kelso in the office!


Mr. Bergmann will have his semi-annual Dr. Who Marathon tomorrow. The marathon will feature season eight. All fans of the Doctor are welcome. Check in with your teacher before attending.


TODAY!  Cross Country meeting with Coach Bogina in Ms. Lewis’s room, #120.   Let Coach Bogina know if you are participating in today’s NHS Officer Elections, as those are also being held during AP today.  All candidates will have the opportunity to say a few words and then you will vote using a Google form.  This is a very important decision that will help determine the direction of the NHS next year, so please be present and please vote!

 Mr. Bergmann will be teaching a writing class next fall called Research Writing. It is a course for seniors and juniors and it is  designed to teach writing and research skills to prepare students for college.

 ...from Ms. Mayberry, AP Lit and Composition teacher:

Students enrolled or interested in taking AP Lit and Composition for next year, please stop by and see Ms. Mayberry for your summer reading assignment.

Varsity Choir and Select Ensemble auditions are being held today during both activity periods.  You do not need to prepare anything, but you do need to fill out this Google form:

Attention, FBLA Members, present and future! 

Plan for your future and join the largest student business career organization in the world today!  Get $5 off the $15 cost for membership!    See Mrs. Sage to pay your dues and for answers to your questions about FBLA!

Please thank the FSHS Cuisine Crew in the cafeteria for their tireless efforts in keeping everybody fed!  Here are your breakfast and lunch menus for the rest of the week:

Today’s Breakfast:  mini-bagels, graham snack, juice, milk

Today’s Lunch:  ham & cheese on a hoagie bun, green beans, apple, milk

Tomorrow’s Breakfast:  zucchini bread, applesauce, juice, milk

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  stuffed crust pizza, lettuce salad, corn, sidekicks icee, milk